Who we are

We are in the business of art //

Prjct Omni is a consulting agency created for businesses and contemporary artists. We work closely alongside all parties to ensure our curatorial projects and events create a unique experience for your target audience through art, and social media.




Art is more than just seeing

 art is the conversation


What drives us?

Our job is to influence //

Influence is one of the most important factors in how we shape our own ideas of not only art, but the world around us. we are more interested in the social response to art and how we can incorporate new marketing strategies for businesses into this process. 


Prjct Omni has held international pop-up shows in traverse city throughout 2016. both shows push the boundaries and broke standards pertaining to the contemporary art scene in traverse city. Our efforts set new bars for the art community to reach.



What We’ve Done So Far

Bringing The World To Traverse City //

Our Mission for Traverse city was simple...

“Influence the community of traverse city, and push boundaries pertaining to the art scene.”

In the heart of our goal throughout 2016, we’ve connect and fostered real relationships with artists who shared a desire to make a difference in a small town like Traverse city. Our efforts generated a lot of traffic through the space and has been published by IPR & Traverse City Magazine in just under a year.



guide the conversation. create the experience. let the artist tell your story.


curating a new conversation 

Share the creative experience//

We invest hard work into earned media for your product. We focus on a specific ingredient that allows the customer to dive into the creative culture and share from their experience from phone to social media.



Our role is to tell your story.

Our Role is to influence. 


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Chris sims

Photo by: Jesse Green 

Photo by: Jesse Green 

"Influence is one of the most important factors in how we shape our own ideas of not only art, but the world around us. I'm more interested in the social side of art and how it affects us on a personal level."

Chris Sims has curated a unique platform in which it's presence has attracted artists from all around the world. Prjct Omni has gained popularity in the artworld on and off social media. This has led towards building a unique understanding of the brand and relationships with the artists themselves. Chris covers everything from art education, taste making, pop-up shows, and exclusive art commission work through Prjct Omni.

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