WhAt Drives us? 

Curating A New Conversation_

prjct omni sheds light on the impact contemporary art can be on a community. Our focus is based around the idea of staying in the present. This shifts the focus on current artists and highlights new outlooks and ideas that drive them creatively. Through curated exhibitions and pop up shows, we bring new perspective in a communal space for artists and the public. 


poP-UP EXhibits

A Theory On Contemplation_

Consider the notion that art brings together opposing forces; the force of the artist and that of the viewer. As these two forces clash, they cause us to transcend into a state of creative equilibrium. The balance of the creator and the observer leads to a mutual benefit.

A similar balance is happening here in Northern Michigan. The landscape--our trees, our beautiful lakes and glimpses of wildlife--they all continue to influence a certain way of thinking. When we add in the elements of artistic expression and match them to our natural environment, our perception transforms.

# 02 was inspired by the idea of clashing elements of the natural with contemporary art in attempts to generate a deeper sense of creative freedom. A freedom where both concepts can mutually exist and be equally understood.

The contemplation of both art and nature has the power to equip the mind with a willingness to understand.The act alone can be meditative and rewarding, opening up new creative pathways and providing endless possibilities. This work shown here blurs the line that separates the natural laws of creation from the rule bending ways of abstraction. It invites us to provide the same level of involvement we give to the mysteries of nature, providing ourselves time to interpret what comes naturally from this experience. Above all, it encourages you to enjoy the sheer pleasure of looking closely.







THE Art of looking closely



Contemporary artists and designers are the modern day storytellers of what will soon be our history as we know it.


Our Mission

Commercial Meets Contemporary

Our mission is to put artists in a position in a position where their artwork and messaging align perfectly with business owners, private collectors and commercial/public spaces. 


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Chris Sims

Born in Southern California, Chris spent most of his childhood between there and Arizona. Moving to Michigan at 18, he attended Saginaw Valley State University, working towards a degree in Education. In his pursuit towards becoming an Art Teacher, he discovered soon after his time at SVSU, that his ideals and the ideals of the public education system were not compatible. 

"Influence is one of the most important factors in how we shape our own ideas of not only art, but the world around us. Teaching someone technique is one thing. I was more interested in the social side of art and how it affects us on a personal level."

After some time off to reflect and focus on an entirely new direction, Chris took a leap of faith and moved to Traverse City in May of 2015. Sims used his time getting established and working relentlessly in the service industry. During his day off, prjct omni was slowly being cultivated in the late hours of the night and was launched the following January of 2016. Chris covered everything from artist interviews, to providing a social media account on IG. 

"My intention was to highlight my personal taste and create a dialog and a working relationship with the artists themselves. For me it was more than just looking, It's about the conversations that led to ideas I have today. I'm proud of the working relationship we have. They are more than just artists I admire, they are my friends."


Later on in the spring of 2016, Chris landed a deal with the Warehouse MRKT in downtown Traverse City. Where he successfully executed two exhibitions, sold numerous pieces of work and shook up the art scene as promised shortly after delivering his proposal to the warehouse owners. His biggest story that created some controversy stemmed around a specific collection out of São Paulo Brazil. You can read the article HERE. While dealing at Warehouse MRKT, Chris's selections and ideas were heavily influenced by modern design. Though the partnership established between prjct omni and Warehouse MRKT has ended, the learning experience gained from this first venture was vital for Chris and his vision for what prjct omni is truly capably of in the years. 

Prjct omni is a brand built for contemporary artists, designers, and the public. I love the idea of having a place for all of us to develop a better appreciation for the contemporary art. Our role is to share how much art can influences our daily lives.