Exhibit #02 Creative Direction

A Theory On contemplation_

Curated by Chris Sims/ Partnered with Tommy Greene & Lauren Greene/ 2017

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Consider the notion that art brings together opposing forces; the force of the artist and that of the viewer. As these two forces clash, they cause us to transcend into a state of creative equilibrium. The balance of the creator and the observer leads to a mutual benefit.

A similar balance is happening here in Northern Michigan. The landscape--our trees, our beautiful lakes and glimpses of wildlife--they all continue to influence a certain way of thinking. When we add in the elements of artistic expression and match them to our natural environment, our perception transforms.

# 02 was inspired by the idea of clashing elements of the natural with contemporary art in attempts to generate a deeper sense of creative freedom. A freedom where both concepts can mutually exist and be equally understood.

The contemplation of both art and nature has the power to equip the mind with a willingness to understand.The act alone can be meditative and rewarding, opening up new creative pathways and providing endless possibilities. This work shown here blurs the line that separates the natural laws of creation from the rule bending ways of abstraction. It invites us to provide the same level of involvement we give to the mysteries of nature, providing ourselves time to interpret what comes naturally from this experience. Above all, it encourages you to enjoy the sheer pleasure of looking closely.