Our Mission_

Prjct omni creates an authentic sense of connection through art fueled by our professional use of social media. Our goals are geared towards creating innovative ways to selling & showcasing national & international contemporary artwork. With our home base in Traverse City, we are finding ways to expand on our perception of art while having it available in the community. We will continue to provide cities, art collectors near and far, and locals with contemporary artwork curated from a global focal point. 

Chris Sims


" When I launched Prjct omni back in January, my mission was built on supporting artists and the locals themselves by also influencing new ideas through art. We strive to bring something completely different to the table. That ‘something different’ is Influence. I believe it to be one of the most important factors in how we shape our own ideas of not only art, but the world around us. While dealing at Warehouse MRKT, my selections and ideas are heavily influenced by modern design. Prjct omni is a brand built to provoke such thoughts. I love the idea of having a place for all of us to develop a better appreciation of the present contemporary art scene. Not just statewide, but on a global scale here in Northern Michigan. In turn, this on-going mission will allow the world to see us thriving creativity as well."