São Paulo, Brazil


In a few sentences, tell us who you are and describe your medium of choice/ & why?

My name is Rafael Hayashi, I'm 31 years old. I was born in São Paulo, Brasill, where I currently work and live. I am a painter and the medium I use is oil paint. For a few years, I looked for the ideal material to concretize my feelings and ideas in a plastic way, and ended up nding in the oil a medium that would take care of me in terms of texture, color, brightness and drying time. The oil paint allows me to work in a slower way because it has a drying time much higher than other mediums, which has a drying time of a few minutes. The color and the brilliance were factors that impressed me quickly. The black color was something that revealed itself with subtle nuances of green, yellow, and red, and its brilliance was nothing like that of other paints. It seemed more natural in contrast to the articial one that the acrylic paint sent me. The universe of oil paint is very vast, they are years of history of great artists perfecting and using this material, much because of its great versatility, it excites me every day to work with it and every day it shows me something new.

Confronto (Confront), 2013, oil on canvas, 120 x 170 cm

Something I find most interesting is how an artist’s studio is chosen and molded around their creative habits. Give us some insight on why you chose your space to create. What makes it absolutely perfect for your process?

The choice of space was initially made as a matter of opportunity. The place was close to my residence, the rent was relatively cheap and I needed to get out of the house to paint bigger canvas. But as I worked inside the atelier I realized that he had a very high straight foot, very large windows and excellent natural lighting, which combined factors make this space so good for me to produce my paintings.

invade 40x50cm Oil On Canvas, 2016

Give our readers some insight on the current body of work you’ve sent to prjct omni.

This set of canvas are part of the most current production I have been doing. All the works were painted this year. Their subject involves many issues related to my discontent, dissatisfaction and anger about the world we live in. From my relationship with the politics of my country and a future that seems very obscure to me. I know that these themes bring sad and dicult sensations to be dealt with and at times it may seem that I am a very pessimistic person, but I also try to bring in the paintings a feeling of uidity with the movements of the characters, like a river, as something less bad Will pass and better times may present themselves.

What purpose does painting fulfill in your life?

I believe that the main function of painting in my life today is to relieve myself of feelings of which I would not be able to free myself otherwise.

Is this your first time showing in Michigan?


Tell us why you chose to work with prjct omni for this group show?

Whenever I choose somewhere to hold my exhibitions I like to make sure that the people who will be with me, exposing or working for the event to happen are good and that somehow they will make my person and my work better and this group of people is very strong.

What obligations or aspects of life pull you away from painting?

The main factor at the moment would be to seek a more protable money source because it is still very dicult to survive with art in Brazil.

Has your family been supportive of your career path?

My family always gave me a lot of support to look for the ways that would lead me to happiness.

Do you consider failure an important part of the creative process?

Absolutely yes . Failure has always permeated my life as an artist and this has made me grow up and look for dierent ways of thinking, something that success would never bring me. 

Describe what the feeling was like selling your first piece.

It was a strange feeling with a mixture of satisfaction in knowing that other people also enjoyed my work and a bit of guilt for thinking that the work was still not good enough to be sold.

Feed 40x50cm Oil On Canvas, 2016

With Platforms like Instagram and Tumblr, it’s quite easy to consider yourself as an artist. How has social media played a role in your success as an artist?

For some time I was very reluctant to participate in social networks because I thought participating in them would make my work less exclusive and thus depreciate. But because I suered a lot of pressure from family and friends, I ended up getting into some media. And this was great because I ended up meeting artists that I would never dream to meet and also to be known by people that I called I would think they would see my work. A great example is that I am attending this exhibit at Prjct OMNi. A place I might not know, and they would not know me if it were not for a social media of which they were both part.

What are some interesting barriers that have been created by social media as well?

Social media demand a huge amount of information and updates from those who produce these contents and this has been the main barrier for me. I do not produce as much information as the media needs and I can not force myself to generate content that I consider irrelevant. So certainly this has been my biggest barrier with social media.

If you can, recall a time when someone gave you good life advice?

There were several moments that changed my life. But some very striking moment was when a friend invited me to an exhibition and I told him that my paintings were very bad and nobody would want to see them so he insisted and told me that this was much better than the things he already had Seen and that I should believe in what I was doing.

Why is imagination is so important us?

Imagination transports us to another reality, a place where possibilities expand, and with these possibilities in our hands we can begin a transformation. But if this beginning is not followed by much work, it has never become concrete and will always remain in the realm of imagination.

what would you like to happen to your artwork when life is said and done?

I hope my painting becomes less aggressive and more challenging.